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A birth chart shows only the life potential of the individual. As a modern astrologer, I believe that free will is essential in determining how the configurations in your chart play out in the context of your life.

The purpose of astrological consultation is to guide you to a place of greater self-awareness by highlighting your unique personality while exploring strategies that allow you to express your natal potential in the most constructive way possible.

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Astrologer Psychologer Video Series: Between One Fern

In this Totally Unprecedented, New and Unique Video Series, “Between One Fern,” have Fernside Chats with Me (Alyssa) on Everything Astrology.

SO BUCKLE UP and get out your Finest Flatware…

For A Very Astrological




A quick little ditty on the Aries New Moon on the 5th and a general discussion of the relationship between the New and Full Moons, particularly the ones occurring this April of 2019.

Opportunities abound for breakthroughs & new beginnings in relationships!

But will we choose to take them? …TBD.


What’s it like to be An Always-Glamorous, Ever-Somnambulant, Forever-Changeable PISCES in RETROGRADE?

  1. Party Plans? OF COURSE.

  2. Rom Coms Re: Star-Crossed Lovers? UMM, YES.

  3. Donations to the Cause? ABSOLUTELY.

  4. Forgetfulness? TOTALLY.

  5. Working Out? YOU BET.

  6. (Occasional) OCD Meltdown? WHY NOT.



A Robust and Insightful Soliloquy on the Spring Equinox concurrent with the Full Moon in Libra @ 9:43 (EDT).

Now that the Sun has burst forth into Aries, we want one thing: RELATIONSHIP. But careful lest you fall and smash your head (Aries)! The Emotional Fog still looms.

So until things clear up around Mid-April, visualization (not action) may be best.


A Philopsophical Dialectic Re: Astrology of March 2019.

Put Simply: What does the word "Manifest" mean? How is it helpful (or not)?

In short: Stop Manifesting, Start Visualizing. Oh, and Take a GD Nap.

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Celebrity Chart: Lil Wayne

A sample of Alyssa's in-depth chart reading

Lil Wayne Chart | Astrologer Psychologer | Alyssa Landers

In any chart, there 3 major components that define how we express our personalities: the Sun, Moon & Rising sign, or Ascendant. These three components form the basic energy of the personality. Here we have Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Sagittarius Rising ...



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By Diana Pereira

I am an Alyssa Landers Astrology Reading junky!! I had my first Natal Chart Reading with Alyssa in 2015. In one session, she was able to accurately sum up what took 20 years of therapy to understand about myself!


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