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A birth chart shows only the life potential of the individual. As a modern astrologer, I believe that free will is essential in determining how the configurations in your chart play out in the context of your life.

The purpose of astrological consultation is to guide you to a place of greater self-awareness by highlighting your unique personality while exploring strategies that allow you to express your natal potential in the most constructive way possible.

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Why? Today, 7/31, not only does Mercury Retrograde in Cancer END it’s backward phase circa TONIGHT @ 11:58 PM (EDT), but it’s preceded by an EXXTRA-special NEW MOON in LEO @ 11:12 PM (EDT)!

So many good things to look forward to, but get ready to break free from the “safety” of your ♋️CANCER CRABSHELL & make room for some ♒️ RADICAL CHANGES (Uranus)⚡️in your approach to relationships and self-worth (VENUS).

MORE INFO ON THIS NEW MOON TO COME! #cancer #leo #mercuryretrograde #love #money #security #blanket #breakfree #yougotta #becauseyoureworthit #♋️#♌ #astrology #mom #takeabreak #partytime #horoscope#laughorcry #uptoyou #astrologerpsychologer

On JULY 16, 2019 @ 5:38 PM (EDT), we'll experience a *Lunar Eclipse* in the Sign of Capricorn. This one is emotionally intense! With the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, there's a sea of contradictions in this one: Moon-Pluto means that intense emotions rise to the surface.

On the other hand, the Moon in Capricorn—along with Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn at the same time—wants to hide in its work and compartmentalize. Ain't gonna happen!

So as much as we might want to go full-on J.D. Salinger and retreat into our Cabins, this Eclipse demands that we work through interpersonal struggles we're facing now. As, paradoxically, relationships are the key to feeling secure in both our career (CAPRICORN) and personal (CANCER) lives…

This one is worth a listen (and it's funny I swear)...SKIP TO 13:50 FOR THE BIG REVEAL!

So I'll just say it (as if you didn’t know)…July this year (2019) is a whole lotta crazy!

With Mercury stationing Retrograde at 4 degrees of Leo, conjunct Mars in Leo? That's certainly ripe energy for some (un)pleasant *FIREWORKS* this Summer!

Mercury will move Retrograde (backwards) through the Sign of Leo until July 17th, before it moves back for it's final move into the Sign of Cancer, where it will stay until July 31st.

And with the Eclipses in the mix, we better be careful not to let our inner Princess rule when it comes to dealing with those we love.

So if you're feeling haughty, bossy or just plain unappreciated (appreciation being Leo's raison d'etre, as we all know), do as the Leos do and take yourself away. Preferably the sandy beaches of St. Tropez...

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Celebrity Chart: Lil Wayne

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In any chart, there 3 major components that define how we express our personalities: the Sun, Moon & Rising sign, or Ascendant. These three components form the basic energy of the personality. Here we have Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Sagittarius Rising ...



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By Diana Pereira

I am an Alyssa Landers Astrology Reading junky!! I had my first Natal Chart Reading with Alyssa in 2015. In one session, she was able to accurately sum up what took 20 years of therapy to understand about myself!


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