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A birth chart shows only the life potential of the individual. As a modern astrologer, I believe that free will is essential in determining how the configurations in your chart play out in the context of your life.

The purpose of astrological consultation is to guide you to a place of greater self-awareness by highlighting your unique personality while exploring strategies that allow you to express your natal potential in the most constructive way possible.

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Succinct discussion of June 3rd New Moon in Gemini, Death of a Gemini and How to Heal & Deal.

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Celebrity Chart: Lil Wayne

A sample of Alyssa's in-depth chart reading

Lil Wayne Chart | Astrologer Psychologer | Alyssa Landers

In any chart, there 3 major components that define how we express our personalities: the Sun, Moon & Rising sign, or Ascendant. These three components form the basic energy of the personality. Here we have Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Sagittarius Rising ...



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By Diana Pereira

I am an Alyssa Landers Astrology Reading junky!! I had my first Natal Chart Reading with Alyssa in 2015. In one session, she was able to accurately sum up what took 20 years of therapy to understand about myself!


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