Beyonce Knowles: Chart of a D-I-V-A


Beyonce Knowles was born on September 4, 1981 at approximately 10:00 AM (CDT) in Houston, Texas. Since the source of the birth time isn’t taken directly from a primary source, we must take the exact time of her birth with a grain of salt. However, it’s uncanny how accurately the themes shown in her Birth Chart above depict the themes of her trans(formation) as it’s unfolded in the public eye. 

I’m always amazed by Virgo Woman. Her self-transformation—finding her true identity by facing the fear of imperfection, without relying on a pre-existing model to emulate or formula to follow—is the key to her eternal happiness.

The only downer here is that this self-actualization, when it does occur, typically comes in the latter half of life. Ask any Virgo: attempting to embody Perfection for so long takes an inevitable toll, and finally a consequence is experienced. But as serious as they can take themselves in the first half of life, eschewing the inner drive to attain the unattainable is they key.

The evolved Virgo Woman learns from Experience and is thus able to change (MUTABLE), breaking longstanding patterns that may have been self-destructive or antithetical to creativity. By learning to let their guard down, revealing their carefully hidden vulnerabilities and insecurities, Virgo allows herself to be human and, in doing so, experiences divine emotional release, finding ways to work (it) by doing things their own way (for once).

One look at this Chart shows an unbeatable combination of magnetic charm and beauty (Libra Ascending + Venus-Pluto conjunction in Libra) with a famously renowned work ethic (Virgo Sun, Decan 2). But we all know that, especially when it comes to artistic creativity, it takes a certain number of licks to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop, and what makes a true Artist is the ability to look at oneself honestly and to share the deeply personal with the often-critical and superficial public.

For Bey, getting to the center of the Tootsie Roll and coming into her own as an Artist seems to have followed exactly this path. With the release of albums like Lemonade and her widely-acclaimed concert film Homecoming, Beyonce was able to openly address not only her own struggles with infidelity and betrayal in her relationships, but to get comfortable in reconciling her Persona with her True Self.

This type of confrontation of one’s own wounds, whether slaying or just laying them out for all to see is, quite frankly, Virgo’s worst nightmare. But in baring her past and present struggles in her individual, albeit highly curated way, Beyonce chose to overcome this fear, elevating her from Pop Superstar to Legendary Artist.  


At only 38, Beyonce Knowles has accomplished more in her career than most do in a lifetime, having won record numbers of Grammy awards, topping the Billboard Charts on a regular basis. Not to mention making both Time and Forbes’ list of the most powerful and influential people in the world several times over.

Undoubtedly talented if not legendary in her own right, her most recent surge of success and popularity is clearly the mark of the Evolved Virgo Woman. Once she experiences the consequences of her tendency to submit to arbitrary traditions or rules that confine her authentic expression of gender and sexuality—particularly challenging areas for Virgo Woman. But once the tendency to “follow the leader,” so to speak, is forsaken, and acceptance of the fact that not only is life not perfect, it’s kind of, well, a mess.

It’s when Virgo learns to take a minute and pause before putting on their rubber gloves and diving in to “fix” or clean up the perceived messiness in themselves and those around them—when they realize that to make a mess is to live, and to live is to make a mess—all of a sudden new vistas of creative expression emerge in the form of a totally singular identity.

This trans(formation) was both her choice and her destiny: in Lemonade, for example, Beyonce weaved together an artful and complex yet honest narrative of pain and forgiveness, confronting her own wounds around femininity, perfection and honest self-expression while speaking to a larger culture and legacy of betrayal that women are in many ways taught to accept without question. 

Usually in the first part of life, Virgo becomes expert at hiding their deepest wounds carefully from view, preferring to focus on the wounds—identified as “flaws” by Virgo—of others. It’s a very clever form of misdirection though, as Virgo is secretly most critical of themselves.

Yet, like fellow Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, the evolved Virgo senses that what they once perceived as imperfection can often end up their greatest strength. It’s the re-framing of old wounds as imperfections that transforms them into sources of learning and, as a result, a spiritual detox of sorts. 

Healing and hard work. Overall, these define Virgo’s primary lesson, though the choice of whether to “learn” it or not is of course where Free Will comes in. In the “unevolved” Virgo (Think: Lance Armstrong), the obsession with perfection and order can slowly but surely lead to complete stagnation, affecting both personal relationships and creative output.

If you think about it, it’s all too easy to let the inferiority complex inherent in all born under the sign of Virgo to run amok under times of stress. This can lead to focusing too heavily on the actions (or lack of actions) of others while failing to take so much as a glance at their own (except in the mirror of course). 

It’s only when Virgo realizes that perfection is not freedom but imprisonment—imprisonment in their own wounds and in their propensity to wound others through what they see as helpful advice (read: criticism)—that they’re able to break free from the obsession with rules set by others.

It’s when Virgo learns to take a minute and pause before putting on their rubber gloves and diving in to “fix” or clean up the perceived messiness they see in themselves and those around them—when they realize that to make a mess is to live, and to live is to make a mess—all of a sudden new vistas of creative expression emerge in the form of a totally singular identity.

This trans(formation) was both her choice and her destiny: in Lemonade, for example, Beyonce weaved together an artful and complex yet honest narrative of pain and forgiveness, confronting her own wounds around femininity, perfection and honest self-expression while speaking to a larger culture and legacy of betrayal that women are in many ways taught to accept without question. 

Ascendant + Stellium in Libra: FEEL YOURSELF

As you can see in her Birth Chart above, her Sun falls at 11 degrees of Virgo, in the 11th house. The second decan of Virgo (where her Sun falls) is ruled by Saturn, the planet of Order and Discipline, and Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra. 

What does this mean? Beyonce is someone who is highly “Saturnian” in nature, as in someone who not only values but is pushed to work hard, be disciplined and highly ordered, often holding themselves to near-impossible standards in all their actions. Virgo is known for being humble and approachable in their demeanor, though Saturnian personality types often have a lot of internalized and/or unconscious fears around self-expression. 

Libra is the sign of Beauty, Love, Relationships, Money. Libra Rising people are born into the world with the innate power to attract what they want into their orbit, not just because of their physical beauty but because of their generally positive and calming energy. With Venus in Libra on the Ascendant, the person’s physical beauty, charm and power to attract are only increased, as Venus symbolizes peace and harmony, fairness and justice. 

One of the reasons I love this Chart is that it’s a true demonstration of how our Sun Sign is by no means the dominant, let alone definitive energy that makes up your conscious personality and how you express yourself.

The Ascendant is the Persona we give off to the word unconsciously, without realizing it, and happens to be the most time-sensitive part of any Birth Chart. With Libra Rising conjunct Venus and Pluto in Libra, Beyonce is what I’d call an “honorary Libra” of sorts.

When you look at the Chart as a whole, it’s immediately apparent that five out of twelve planets and her Ascendant all happen to fall in a cluster-like configuration known as a “stellium” the sign of Libra across her 12th and 1st houses. The 12th house represents secrets and all things hidden, while Libra represents relationships. So at the very least, we know that while she’s still a Virgo Sun, many of her life lessons are going to revolve around “relationship secrets” in some form or another.

Venus Conjunct Pluto: “I PUT A SPELL ON YOU…”

Libras are more sociable and outgoing generally, but being so unbearably charming is actually kind of draining it turns out. Both Virgo and Libra can be shy, bookish types on the surface, and both are the consummate perfectionists of the Zodiac. Virgo has impeccable taste in literally everything, and Libra literally cannot stand to be in surroundings that aren’t picturesque at least and Shangri La at best—so the combination is one made to appreciate the finer things in life. 

But Pluto is like steroids. And if Venus represents beauty and the ability to attract love and money, a conjunction to Pluto acts to intensify these characteristics and abilities. 

So powerful is this Aspect, especially when conjunct the Ascendant, Venus conjunct Pluto has been labeled the “sex pot aspect” by Astrologer Isabel Hickey (Astrology: A Cosmic Science, p. 314). There are many celebrities with Neptune, Pluto and/or Chiron aspecting their natal Venus, as those born with these Aspects unconsciously draw people in, magnetizing others with their energy and oozing sex appeal on a level somewhat out of their control. 

Beyonce has leaned into this image over time, but as “lucky” as this Aspect may seem, it’s definitely a double-edged sword. Yes, any major Aspect between Venus and Pluto is a pretty reliable indicator of someone whose powers of attraction are relatively “high”; but at the same time, the level of attention and scrutiny that this kind of Aspect brings often leads to feelings of pressure to perform in a very circumscribed way and the resultant instinct to retreat and hide from it all after having been on “performance overdrive” for so long.


With her Mercury-Saturn-Jupiter clustered together in Libra in her 12th house, either she or the marriage partner (Libra is the sign ruling one-to-one partnerships like marriage and business partners) would play a “doormat” type of role. Given that she is a Virgo, however, I’m inclined to guess that Bey can bounce from “Diva” to “Doormat,” sometimes in the blink of an eye. Virgo is a Mutable sign and is therefore constantly changing and evolving, even if such changes aren’t visible at first. 

The life lesson for Virgo is to learn that, for them, being in a servile role—in this case, in the context of a marriage or committed partnership—is actually kind of a turn on, and that this is okay. What’s not okay, however, is walking all over your partner out of resentment…or letting them walk all over you.

Wherever the 12th house is involved, there’s always a lesson around secrets (Mercury) in relationships (Libra). With Saturn conjunct Mercury in the 12th house, information or clues a person might normally sense become dulled—there’s a blockage between the gut feeling (12th house) and what the mind believes is rational (Mercury in Libra). With Mercury conjunct Saturn in Libra in this section of the chart, there’s a deep-rooted feeling of pressure to block out or deny gut feelings, in particular about relationships. 

The blessing that comes with any Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is that it represents a “Fresh Start” aspect—it’s a cosmic opportunity to clean the slate and purge any unhealthy relationship dynamics (Saturn in Libra) that may have had their roots deep in the unconscious (12th house).

Scorpio Moon Conjunct Uranus = SHE WORKS FOR THE MONEY

Arguably the most significant planet in Beyonce’s Chart is her Moon in Scorpio in her 2nd house. The Moon is in its “Fall” in the sign of Scorpio, as the ambition and determined intensity of Mars-ruled Scorpio inherently conflicts with the Moon’s association with a highly sensitive, receptive and nurturing energy. 

Those born with a Scorpio Moon tend to have controlling Mothers who can be “helicopter-like” in their vigilant watch over the child to the extent of living vicariously through them. Either way, the Moon in Scorpio = “Powerful Mother.” With this model, while she may be a Virgo/Libra, it’s inevitable that her confrontation with her own, internalized “Powerful Woman” would emerge at some point. 

Her Moon, weakened in the sign of Scorpio, is highly “charged” by its conjunction to Uranus, which actually functions at its best in the sign of Scorpio. With Uranus as the “stronger” planet in this conjunction, it means that the expression of her most raw emotions and needs (Moon) typically go unacknowledged and/or bottled for so long that emotional “outbursts” (Uranus) are often the result. Those with Birth Charts with many planets in Virgo and Libra have difficulty with anger and issues with space and independence in relationships. 

Uranus is the planet that represents chaos, sudden upheavals or upsets but also of revelations and truth. With the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Uranus, with both planets opposing asteroid Chiron in her 8th house, there’s a deep wound (Chiron) around sudden events or truths revealed (Uranus) either by or to her Mother or other female family members (Moon). But with Moon and Uranus in Scorpio, in the 2nd house, shows an instability of some kind in the early life, usually related to some form of overt discord in the parental relationship. With the involvement of her 2nd house, this would have had to do specifically with money, and upheavals in the family surrounding issues of money or financial stability. Mars in the 10th house can indicate a predisposition toward conflict with whoever the dominant parent was. Mother was clearly seen to be a powerful yet frustrated woman, disappointed by the “chaos” brought in by her husband, particularly in the financial and sexual departments (2nd and 8th houses, respectively), though it’s likely that Father was seen as the source of instability and may’ve played the role of the figure who was “in and out” in some respect.

Scorpio-Leo vs. Virgo-Libra = MOTHER OF THE HOUSE

Mars and the Moon are emphasized in this Chart, as both are in Fixed signs—Leo and Scorpio, respectively—and both planets represent “Instinct,” with Mars symbolizing what drives us to get up in the morning and the Moon symbolizing the way we instinctively react to life situations. 

Though the Emotions are highly controlled (Scorpio), there’s a deep frustration with the pressure of having to “act feminine” in the traditional sense, especially when it’s not for any real reason—a conflict that is shown by the submissive, “do what you’re told” energy of her planets in Libra and Virgo combined with the “D-I-V-A” of her Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Leo. There are multiple symbols of this theme throughout Bey’s prolific body of work—“If I Were A Boy” comes to mind—and her Birth Chart depicts a strongly felt impetus to explore the confines of gender roles and performance.

The Moon in Scorpio is like the equivalent of the “crazy” wife in the attic that Charlotte Bronte wrote about in the literary classic Jane Eyre: The Virgo Woman (especially one with a Scorpio Moon) is the picture of innocent sweetness, but underneath there lies an intensity and power just waiting for the right moment to be unleashed. There’s a lot of ambivalence in both the Virgo and Libra Woman when it comes to the feeling of their own “femaleness” and are typically very particular about what aspects of traditional femininity they choose to embrace as part of their identity vs. those they choose to ignore.

This mode of self-expression may be in direct opposition to the feminine sweetness and humble approachability of her Stellium in Libra and Sun in Virgo, but there’s one absolutely necessary Astrology fact to keep in mind here. In Astrology, if we don’t fulfill the emotional needs signified by our Moon placement in our Birth Chart, it’s almost a guarantee that no matter our circumstances, we’ll never feel entirely fulfilled emotionally.

Virgo & the Mid-Life “Crisis” = LEMONS OR LEMONADE?

Finally, we come to the Elephant in the Room. I’ll just say it: Virgo is prone to mid-life crises. They just are. But with crisis often comes trans(FORMATION). Unlike Scorpio, who transforms like a phoenix into ashes, Virgo, the astrological symbol of the “empty vessel,” pieces together their identity over time, fully emerging into their full selves after long (half) lives feeling as if they were living almost entirely for other people. But Virgo Woman is never afraid of life and the trans (Formation) it can bring, which is probably my favorite characteristic of Virgo.

And so the keynote of this chart is: To learn that embracing our imperfections and vulnerabilities may be terrifying, but confronting our fears is what leads us to adapt and ultimately, to thrive.