One Year Look Ahead


One Year Look Ahead

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What It Is

Once you’ve had your birth chart consultation, you're ready for a glimpse into your future!

This one covers a lot of ground. I’ll prepare multiple charts based on your birth data, including your progressed and solar return charts, along with an extensive, personalized timeline of the transits of the outer planets. I then relate these charts back to your birth chart to determine when periods of activity will occur specifically for you. We will go over everything together, and I’ll provide you with a comprehensive outline of important dates and activity periods for your year ahead!

How It Works

Once you fill out the birth data form and complete your purchase, you'll receive an email directly from me to schedule your personal consultation. 

Note: This consultation type is not available for purchase if you have not had a birth chart analysis with me.

Typical session is approximately 2 hrs.

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