Compatibility Analysis

for friends lovers and stalkers alike.jpg
for friends lovers and stalkers alike.jpg

Compatibility Analysis


What It Is

I do your chart. Then I do your girlfriend's chart.

After analyzing both charts separately, I use a technique called Synastry to determine the ways the two of you rock (and steady) each other's boats. Then I make a composite chart—a combination of the two charts that describes the relationship as an entity in itself.

Expect a discussion of the strengths & weaknesses of your relationship, pinpointing all the quirks. The goal is ~*not*~ to correct behaviors or change personalities but to cultivate mutual understanding that will enhance the existing bond.

How It Works

When you go to make your purchase, you'll be asked to submit the birth data for both people. Once purchase is complete, you'll receive an email from me to schedule your session. This consultation type is only available for an in-person session with both individuals present. 

Typical session is approx. 2-2.5 hrs.

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